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The Trend of Sustainable Packaging

Posted on October 29th 2021, 5:15 PM By Perk Hero

Sustainable Packaging Is Here. Are You Ready?
Plastic packaging. Say these two words to anyone and responses will not likely be warm. Too much of it is being dumped into landfills, causing pollution that contributes to climate change. Customers are aware of this and are calling for eco-friendly efforts to help sustain the planet.
Enter sustainable packaging.
Sustainable packaging is allowing businesses to effectively meet customer expectations. With 74% of people willing to pay more for such packaging, scores of brands are joining the “zero waste” and other sustainable packaging movements to show their commitment to the environment.
Benefits of Sustainable Packaging
While sustainable packaging primarily helps businesses meet customer expectations, it also brings other benefits. Businesses that offer this packaging option:
Improve brand recognition. Eco-friendly packaging creates a good impression as it depicts that you are an environmentally conscious brand. Modern consumers—especially millennials—want to associate themselves with such businesses. They’ll spread the word on social media and even advocate for your brand offline, increasing your brand recognition.
Become flexible and versatile. Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be limited or boring. In fact, it can be creative and re-purposed to fit a range of different products. Whether you’re looking to package food and drinks, or retail products, there’s a sustainable packaging option out there to meet your needs.
Lower production cost. Some types of sustainable packaging require less material to make. Others don’t require any material, which lowers manufacturing costs. Most sustainable packaging is also lightweight, meaning it costs less to store. Once it gets to the consumer, packaging that is recyclable and reusable further lowers the cost of making new ones.
Promote consumer wellbeing. Most of the sustainable packaging options are allergy-free and non-toxic. Consumers, these days, are concerned with what materials the products they bought are packaged with. Stand out with packaging that doesn’t pose a risk to their health and safety.
Adopting Sustainable Packaging
Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly packaging is easy to adopt with multiple solutions available. For example, you could utilize shopping bags made from organic materials like hemp, recycled cotton, or beeswax instead of plastic bags. 
Food waste can even be turned into packaging. For instance, you could turn wheat ribbons and barley into edible six-pack rings for beverages. Consumers won’t have to worry about their pets getting hurt from the packaging; it’s harmless and snackable. 
Or better yet, you could tap into the zero-waste or no packaging option if it's appropriate for the items and products you offer. As sustainable packaging goes into buying decisions, it can be useful to stock less wasteful forms of everyday items. Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

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