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How to Engage Customers through Loyalty Points

Posted on August 19th 2021, 2:15 PM By Perk Hero

Lots of businesses offer loyalty programs but few do it well. In today’s mobile world, the drop-off rate tends to be high if a business fails to keep a customer engaged and motivated. Many customers have grown tired of standard loyalty programs that only provide points when they place an order, make a payment or purchase.
Customers will also drop a loyalty program if the rewards take too long to accumulate or if they are too difficult to obtain. On the flip side, they’ll stay if the program is appealing: multiple ways to collect points, engaging, personalized, digital (no paper loyalty cards or receipts) and relevant offers based on past orders or purchases.
That’s why we’ve integrated a key feature, customer loyalty reward program, in our our Custom Branded App package for restaurants, stores, and salons. The idea is to help businesses with customer engagement and loyalty. Together with a custom branded app, a customer loyalty reward system that's tailored to you will no doubt help your business deepen customer relationships and stay engaged with your audience.
Perk Hero makes it easy to add variety to your online loyalty program and provides a myriad of opportunities for customers to earn points. With Perk Hero, your business can easily offer rewards for completing quests (challenges such as surveys), unlocking achievements, reaching a level, social sharing, referring friends, birthdays and more. 
With a points program, your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can accumulate points and redeem them toward future orders and payments. Perk Hero can also make it a fun and delightful experience if you'd like to allow customers to participate in gamified in-app opportunities that will keep them coming back for more.
There’s more to customer loyalty than earning points and driving repeat sales. Loyalty is about connecting with your customers and always providing exactly what they need – and to do that, you need to know them better. Let us help you get there. Contact us today to learn more.

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