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What is Perk Hero?

Perk Hero provides products and services such as self-serve QR code-powered ordering and paying, online ordering platform, custom branded apps, digital loyalty system that are convenient for restaurant staff and customers..

How can I download Perk Hero to my device?

The Perk Hero app is available for iOS and Android. You can download the app through Apple App Store or Google Play on an Android device.

How do I create an account with Perk Hero?

You can create an account with Perk Hero by following these steps:
Step 1: Download the Perk Hero app from Apple App Store/ Google Play Store
Step 2: Open the Perk Hero app
Step 3: Enter your phone number at the signup screen. Make sure that you have frequent access to this number text messages will be sent to the number entered to verify your identity.
Step 4: A text message containing a verification code will be sent to you. Enter this verification code in the app.
Step 5: Enter your email address and create a password to finish your registration. The chosen password must contain uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

How do I make a payment at a Perk Hero location?

When visiting a vendor/ merchant that accepts Perk Hero for payment, scan the QR code provided by the vendor using our Scan/ Pay feature. You can choose to pay with your preferred payment methods and earn Perk Coins for paying with Perk Hero.

How can I make changes to my Perk Hero account?

Name, Email Address, Phone Number: To edit the name, email address and phone number associated with your Perk Hero account, select Edit Account located under My Account menu in the Perk Hero app.
Birthday: To make changes to the birthday associated with your Perk Hero account, select Birthday under My Account.

How can I change the password to my account?

To change your password, select Change Password under My Account. Verify your identity using the verification code sent to your phone number. Enter your new password, which should be at least 8 characters long and includes letters (both upper & lower case), digits and symbols. Tap Continue to save your new password and return to the My Account menu.

How do I view details of my previous transactions?

To view a summary of all previous transactions on Perk Hero. select Transaction History from My Account menu. Tap on an order summary from the list to view the details of a specific order.

What are Perk Hero Coins (Perk Coins)?

Perk Hero Coins (or Perk Coins) is Perk Hero’s own digital currency. Users receive Perk Coins as cashback rewards every time they pay or order through the Perk Hero app. Perk Coins can also be purchased as spending credits and applied towards purchases on Perk Hero. Each Perk Coin is equivalent to $0.001.

How can I check my Perk Coins balance?

You can check your Perk Coin Balance on Perk Hero App’s dashboard, or under Digital Wallet located in My Account menu.

How can I earn Perk Coins with purchases?

Perk Coins are awarded to Perk Hero users for each transaction made on our platform. The number of coins awarded is determined based on your earning power: The more you use Perk Hero, the better your coin earnings can get, up to a total of 1.8% earn rate.

Can I buy Perk Coins as credits to spend on Perk Hero?

Perk Coins can be purchased from the Perk Hero app as credits to spend on the platform. Upon purchase of Perk Coins, the coins will automatically be deposited to your Digital Wallet and can be redeemed towards purchases on the Perk Hero app.
Perk Coins can be purchased using Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, or direct payment from your bank account through Plaid integration.

How can I purchase Perk Coins as credits with Plaid?

Plaid is one of the most innovative financial technologies today, and is used to connect your bank accounts to Perk Hero. Plaid uses 256-bit end-to-end encryption, in anonymized encrypted databases, to best protect a user’s bank credentials, and is trusted by a long list of banks and credit unions (including all leading financial institutions in Canada).
Follow these easy steps to purchase Perk Coins with Plaid:
Step 1: On the Perk Hero app, select Digital Wallet from My Account menu
Step 2: Select Add Funds
Step 3: Select a Perk Coin amount to be added & tap Continue
Step 4: Link your account to Perk Hero using Plaid under Payment Method and check out.

How do I redeem Perk Coins towards my Perk Hero purchase?

Perk Coins can be redeemed towards all transactions on Perk Hero, excluding purchases of Perk Coins Gift Cards when checking out on the platform.

Can I exchange Perk Coins for cash/ other currencies?

Perk Coins cannot be exchanged or converted into cash or other currency and can only be applied towards purchases on Perk Hero.

What are the accepted payment methods on Perk Hero app?

Perk Hero currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay.
You can also top up Perk Coins to your wallet by paying directly from your bank account through our integration with Plaid.

What are the financial institutions supported by Plaid?

Plaid supports all major Canadian financial institutions, including TD Canada Trust, BMO Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, CIBC, Scotiabank, Capital One, Tangerine, Vancity, National Bank, etc.
Note: Plaid is currently unable to support HSBC accounts until further notice.

How do I pay for my transactions with Perk Hero?

Paying for in-app orders: You can pay for products in your cart with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay or with your bank account (for Perk Coins top-up only).
Paying at a Perk Hero location: Pay for your order using our Scan/ Pay feature by scanning a QR Code or a paper copy of the receipt.

What is a QR Code that is used in Perk Hero’s Scan/ Pay feature?

A QR code, also known as a Quick Response Code is a 2-D (two-dimensional) barcode. A QR code usually contains information pre-programmed by the originator. It could be a URL, text, image or general information. To reveal the information, the user will require mobile phone software with the ability to scan and understand the code using the mobile phone’s camera.

Where can I pay with Perk Hero QR Code/ Bill Scanning features?

You can pay with Perk Hero‘s QR Code/ Bill Scanning features when visiting stores and merchants that accept Perk Hero as a payment method, when paying for parking at EasyPark’s Gastown and Pacific Centre locations, or when paying for EasyPark’s violation tickets.

What is Perk Hero Web Payment?

When visiting a Perk Hero location, customers can pay for their bill using our web pay feature by scanning the merchant’s QR code without downloading the Perk Hero app or creating an account.
Paying using QR Code is a convenient and safe way to pay without requiring merchants and customers to exchange hardware or cards when completing a payment. Customers can also pay at the distance they are comfortable with.

Which payment methods are supported by Perk Hero’s Web Pay feature?

Perk Hero’s web pay feature accepts all major Canadian or US debit and credit cards. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also supported.

How can I pay for my purchase with Perk Hero’s Web Pay?

Follow these steps to pay with Perk Hero’s web payment feature at a Perk Hero location:
Step 1: Scan the merchant’s QR Code with your device’s camera and open the embedded link in your mobile web browser
Visit our web payment page and scan the QR code using our built-in QR Scanner.
If you are not sure where the merchant QR code is located, please ask for support from the merchant’s staff. The QR Code is normally located by the pay terminal.
Step 2: Confirm your payment amount pre-set by the merchant or enter a payment amount yourself.
Step 3: Review your payment details and set a tip amount (if applicable).
Step 4: Select a payment method for the selected transaction.
Step 5: Set an email so we can send you your payment receipt (optional).
Step 6: Tap the Pay button at the bottom of the page to complete your payment.

Does Perk Hero store my payment information?

Perk Hero never stores our user’s credit card information when using our app or our web pay feature. Perk Hero uses Stripe to process payments, which protects your credit card and payment information with AES-256 encryption. Only the last 4 digits of your selected payment method are made visible to you and to the merchant to keep track of your transaction records.

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